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832-403508 - Marstall, entrance gate with relief, Battle of the Centaurs and Lapiths, crowned with busts of Castor and Pollux, Marstallplatz, Munich, Upper Bavaria, Bavaria, Germany, Europe
832-403056 - Blue Vespa with cats, white Cycladic houses with blue doors and windows and flower pots, picturesque alleys of the village of Lefkes, Paros, Cyclades, Greece, Europe
832-400410 - Orange slice and aperol spritz cocktail on a stone against the backdrop of a sandy beach. Glass with iced citrus sparkling mineral water and straw. Long shadows. Top view. Copy space
832-400405 - Creme brulee, burnt cream. Sweet baked dessert in a deep porcelain white plate with handles. Dish, decorated with currants and blueberries. Plate and spoon are placed on a red checkered tablecloth
832-400402 - Young afro american woman holding flowers and smiling. Happy beautiful darkskin girl walks along the street with a bouquet of daisies. Positive model outdoors on on city summer background. Copy space
832-400393 - Wedding. Banquet. Chairs and a table for guests, decorated with candles, are served with cutlery and crockery and covered with yellow tablecloth. Waiter setting table stands on a green lawn in the backyard banquet area
832-400379 - Orange slice and aperol spritz cocktail on a stone against the backdrop of a sandy beach. Man holding slass with iced citrus sparkling mineral water and straw. Copy space
832-400320 - Tender shop assistant enjoying her job while serving bouquet for sale. Young florist in apron creating beautiful simple daisy bouquet in craft paper. Portrait of smiling girl with dark curly hair looking gladly at chamomile bouquet
832-400231 - Streets of cobblestone and old houses in colonial style on the streets of the old and historic city of Paraty founded in the 17th century on the coast of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Brasil, South America
832-400182 - Brazilian religious altar mixing elements of umbanda, candomble and catholicism in the syncretism present in the local culture and religion, Comunidade dos Anturos, Contagem, Minas Gerais, Brasil
832-400285 - View from above of happy large family with many children celebrating Christmas or New Year eve together at cozy warm home, gathering around festive holiday table with delicious traditional xmas food
832-400278 - Young family mother and little boy son wrapping packing Christmas gifts for family members while standing at table near beautiful decorated xmas tree at home, kid preparing New Year presents with mom
832-400293 - Christmas or New year dinner against burning fireplace and xmas gifts in cozy house decorated with led lights, festive table with freshly baked cake, lit candles, glasses of champagne, selective focus
832-400208 - The crying saint. Sculpture in 18th century Brazilian Baroque sacred art surrounded by angels and present in the interior of the rich churches of Ouro Preto in Minas Gerais, Brasil