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832-382991 - Two elderly women wearing hats, Quechua Indians in traditional dress, squatting on the floor working on the stretcher of a loom, Cinchero, Urubamba Valley, Peru, South America
832-373041 - Festival, two beautiful young women of the Lao Loum ethnic group, beauty pageant, beauty queens, traditional clothes, hair styles, colourful balloons, Muang Xai, Udomxai province, Laos, Southeast Asia, Asia
832-368961 - Indigenous man of the Wichi tribe fishing in the Pilcomayo river, La Curvita indigenous community, Gran Chaco, Salta Province, Argentina, South America - IMPORTANT: Image must not be used for any publication (print and online) of a German aid organization
832-373012 - Elderly woman of the Apatani ethnic group, known for the pieces of wood in their nose to make them less attractive to rival tribes, Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh, North East India, India, Asia