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832-399232 - Worried man sitting on the side of the bed and angry wife. Worried man in bed with erectile dysfunction. Concept of crisis and couple problems in bed, Managua, Nicaragua, Central America
1116-51133 - A paraplegic man looking at the camera and giving an affirming hand gesture after working out using an overhead press in a fitness facility; Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada
746-88389 - Transhumance, the great sheep trek across the main alpine crest in the Otztal Alps between South Tyrol, Italy, and North Tyrol, Austria. This very special sheep drive is part of the intangible cultural heritage of the austrian UNESCO Commission. Fair at Kurzras with traditional folk music, food and drinks for the herders and the tourists. Alpenhorn played by mountain farmers in their traditional blue skirt, Europe, Central Europe, Italy
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