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1350-144 - The Northern Lights dance over the sweeping Red Deer River and Badlands of southern Alberta, from Orkney Viewpoint looking north over the valley. The Bleriot Ferry crossing is in the distance at the lights. Cassiopeia is embedded in the purple curtains. The river reflects the aurora light.
1350-73 - Exiting the narrow Trollfjord by searchlight and under moonlight, on the northbound voyage of the Hurtigruten ferry ship the ms Trollfjord, on October 15, 2019. Capella is at top; Betelgeuse and Orion are rising at centre at the mouth of the fjord; Aldebaran is partly in cloud left of the Moon.
832-384069 - Grand Canal with light trails from water taxis, vaporettos in movement plus Renaissance architectural style palace buildings and Santa Maria della Salute basilica in Dorsoduro at dusk, Venice, Veneto, Italy, Europe
1219-286 - Water taxis moored beside a submerged walkway on the shores of St. Mark's Basin after the highest tide in Venice since 1966, Venice, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Veneto, Italy, Europe