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832-394226 - Tulips on the shore of Lake Garda with a view of the Castello Scaligero of the historic coastal town of Malcesine, Malcesine, Eastern Lake Garda, Verona Italy, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy, Europe
1350-153 - The rising of the Full Moon on Easter eve, Saturday, March 31, 2018, on a very cold night with lots of snow still on the ground in Alberta. So this is more a winter Moon than a spring one. This is the 'paschal' Moon ' the one that defines the date of Easter, being the first Full Moon after the vernal equinox. The first Sunday after that Full Moon, in this case the next day, is Easter Sunday.
832-384550 - Colourful flowerbeds with different flowering spring flowers, Tulips (Tulipa) and pansies (Viola), on the promenade, Ueberlingen, Lake Constance, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, Europe
857-91084 - Mt Shasta CA, Big Spring Ranch Bill Chesney from the CA Dept of Fish & Game counting redds in a stretch of river that is heavily grazed by cattle who have full access to the river and often drink and eat in it. Mt Shasta in the background. The Shasta River runs through Big Springs Ranch about 20 miles north of the town of Mt Shasta. The ranch, which is contributing to degraded habitat conditions, and actually warming water temps by upwards of 10 degrees as the river passes through the ranch and then spills into the Klameth, is currently under contract for purchase by TNC. Since the contract began, TNC and partner organizations have been allowed to research this stretch of river for the first time. They have discovered that is it a very fertile juvenile rearing area and that there are a surprising number of returning salmon in spite of habitat degradation by grazing cattle (often in the river) and irrigation practices. If this purchase is successful, TNC has the chance to improve a large stretch of habitat and quickly improve conditions that will effect numbers of returning fish and habitat in the Shasta and Klameth Rivers. The Shasta River and its tributaries create one of the most important spawning nurseries for Chinook salmon in the entire Klamath Basin, United States of America
832-43189 - Hot springs emerging from the colourful volcanic landscape near Reykjadalir and Hrafntinnusker, first and second day's stage of the popular hiking trail of Laugavegur, Iceland, Europe
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