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746-90049 - Capo Vaticano is an extensive promontuous, seaside and flat town in the hamlet of San NicolÚ, in the municipality of Ricadi, located between Pizzo Calabro and Nicotera, along the Costa degli Dei, a well-known stretch of the southern Tyrrhenian coast with a tourist vocation, Calabria, Italy, Europe
746-90514 - A still life with an ancient stone Metate (A flat stone with a slightly concave surface, used with another stone for grinding cocoa seeds) and raw cocoa, chocolate, cocoa beans, cabosse, assorted spices and different types of sugar.
1116-51972 - African bush elephant (Loxodonta africana) wading through the mud and drinking from grassy waterhole on the savanna in Etosha National Park looking at camera; Otavi, Oshikoto, Namibia
1116-51935 - Plains zebra (Equus quagga formerly Equus burchellii) standing in the middle of the long grass on the savanna looking at the camera at the Etosha National Park; Otavi, Oshikoto, Namibia
1116-51974 - African bush elephant (Loxodonta africana) drinking from grassy waterhole with its trunk curled into its mouth on the savanna in Etosha National Park; Otavi, Oshikoto, Namibia
1116-52059 - Overview of the Palouse Falls surrounded by basalt rock, a remnant of ancient glacial floods and lying on the Palouse River within the Palouse Falls State Park at sunset; Washington, United States of America