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832-396838 - Chef plating pan cooked flambe atlantic squid with potato rich sauce cream reduction, radish, caramelized lemon and aromatic herbs, gourmet trendy modern contemporary recipe
832-396839 - Macro close up of pan cooked grilled flambe atlantic squid plated with potato rich sauce cream reduction, radish and aromatic herbs, fine dinnng concept, trendy modern contemporary gourmet recipe with copyspace shoot from above
832-327022 - Steel tanks for storing the "liqueur d'expedition" giving champagne its particular flavour, Kessler sparkling winery, Esslingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, Europe
817-458860 - Houses of village Mont-sur-Rolle surrounded by vineyards, the area is famed for its wine-making, vineyards fields and wines with distinctive fizzy-fruit flavor , autumn scene, Romandy, French speaking part of Switzerland, district of Nyon, canton Vaud