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1116-46871 - Young couple standing at the back of their packed vehicle with back door open and the young man in using his cell phone while the young woman waits impatiently, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
1113-68168 - VIP Room Bar and Disco, trend bar, club, bar, disco, chic, trendy, dance, flirt, lichtshow, Lichteffekte, party szene, Partyworld, Theke, video screen, aus: "Mythos Shanghai", Shanghai, Sachbuch, Bildband, Fotos Karl Johaentges, Text Erich Follath, Verlag, Collection Rolf Heyne, 2005
817-33394 - Germany, Bad Liebenstein, Grum brook, Werra Valley, nature reserve Thuringian Forest, Thuringian Forest, Thuringia, wood carved sign to the bath house and to the spa theatre, image of a young couple walking
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