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832-387246 - Church of St. John in Ranui with flower meadow, San Giovanni, St. John Chapel, Geisler Group, Villnoess valley, St. Magdalena, Bolzano, South Tyrol, Italy, Europe
746-88373 - Geisler Mountain Range or Gruppo delle Odle Mountain Range in the valley of Villnoess in South Tyrol (alto adige) after a snowstorm in late fall. The Geisler Mtn. Range is part of the UNESCO world heritage dolomites. Europe, Central Europe, Italy, November
746-88395 - The peaks of the GEisler mountain range in valley Villnoess. The church Sankt Johann in Ranui (St. John in Ranui). The Geisler mountain range is one of the most famous areas for hikers and climbers in the Dolomites. This part of the dolomites is part of the nature park Puez-Geisler and belongs to the UNESCO world heritage Dolomites. Europe, Central Europe, Italy, South Tyrol, April 2012