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1116-51806 - Portrait of a mother and daughter sitting together while on vacation in Lahaina along Front Street in bright sunlight with the Pacific Ocean in the background; Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii, United States of America
1116-50901 - A paraplegic man popping a wheelie in his wheelchair and balancing while lifting a weight in a gymnasium after working out at a fitness facility: Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada
1350-3937 - Kenya, Lamu Island. Chicken seller in Lamu Fort Plaza Square near the island's administrative offices is used as a meeting point during the heat of the day.
1350-3829 - Congost de Mont-Rebei in the Pre-Pyrenees of Lleida, Catalonia. Serra del Montsec, La Noguera, Lleida, Spain The Montrebei Gorge (in Catalan Congost de Mont-Rebei) is a place that is located between the provinces of Huesca and Lv©rida (Spain), between the regions of Ribagorza and Pallars JussvÜ. It is constituted in the narrowest part by which the Noguera Ribagorzana river, which constitutes the natural border between Aragon and Catalonia, crosses the Montsec mountain range, walls in vertical fall of more than 500 meters and a width at its minimum point of 20 meters . The Catalan part is part of the Noguera Nature Reserve. It is within the Sierra del Montsec Natural Interest Area.
1350-3878 - European blonde girl giving the hand and sharing with a black children boy in the primary and second school in a small village near Kitui city in the Kamba country in Kenya, Africa.
1350-832 - Lucha Libre. Two spontaneous up to the ring to dace with the cholita Angela la Folclorista to celebrate the victory, Sports center La Ceja, El Alto, La Paz, Bolivia
1350-846 - Lucha Libre. After the show. A follower is photographed with cholitas fighters. Down Julieta, Celia la Simpatica, and Dina with blue dress , cholitas females wrestlers ,Sports center La Ceja, El Alto, La Paz, Bolivia
1350-826 - Detail of dresses and feet. At left Benita la Intocable , in the middle Angela la Folclorista, and at right Dina, cholitas females wrestlers, El Alto, La Paz, Bolivia
1350-838 - Lucha Libre. Combat between Dina with orange skirt and Benita la Intocable , cholitas females wrestlers ,with referee in the middle, Sports center La Ceja, El Alto, La Paz, Bolivia