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1116-45865 - On The Sea Of Galilee, A Statue Beside The Church Of St Peter's Primacy Depicts Jesus After His Death And Resurrection, Appearing Before St. Peter, Galilee, Israel
1116-45846 - A Winding Road That Makes It's Way Up And And Around The Golan Heights, With Remains Of A Train Track Bridge Built Over The Yarmouk River In The Distance, Golan Heights, Israel
1116-45818 - Old Millstone From The Time Of Christ That Was Uncovered In Capernaum On The North Shore Of The Sea Of Galilee, This Grinding Wheel Which Could Work Even Today, Capernaum, Israel
809-6360 - Antiphonal, The Circumcision of Jesus, Domus Galilaeae (House of Galilee) run by the Catholic organisation Neocatechumenal Way, Antiphonary. Mount of Beatitudes, Galilee, Israel, Middle East