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722-191 - Detail of the mid 13th century Sun Temple, dedicated to Surya, the Hindu Sun God, constructed as a twelve-wheeled chariot drawn by seven horses, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Konarak, Puri District, Odisha, India, Asia
1241-314 - Athabasca River with Esplanade Mountain, Whitecap Mountain, and Gargoyle Mountain at sunrise in Autumn, Jasper National Park, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Alberta, Canadian Rockies, Canada, North America
746-88383 - Herrenchiemsee Palace, located on an island in lake Chiemsee, upper bavaria. The western facade called Gartenfassade with the french garden and the famous water games, Europe, central europe, germany, bavaria
797-11660 - Spain, Valencia Province, Valencia, Puente del Reino, A gargoyle at the entrance to the bridge, Puente del Reino is one of many bridges over the former Rio Turia which now serves as a park as the river has been diverted due to constant flooding of the city. ,
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