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746-88414 - Fasil Ghebbi, fortress like royal enclosure, Gonder, Ethiopia. View from Fasiladas palace, in the middle the library of Johannes I. The library was renovated during the italian occupation, Africa, East Africa, Ethiopia, Gonder, September 2010
746-88413 - Debre Berhan Selassie Church in Gonder. The interior of the church is covered with paintings showing stories from the old and the new testament as well as miracles from different saints. The paintings are painted on a fabric, which was glued to the wall. Unique is the ceiling with more than 100 faces of angels looking down on the believers, Africa, East Africa, Ethiopia, Gonder
252-10897 - Portrait of local girl, Green fertile fields and yellow Meskel flowers in bloom after the rains, Ethiopian Highlands near the Simien mountains and Gonder, Ethiopia, Africa
252-10851 - The famous painting on the ceiling of the winged heads of 80 Ethiopian cherubs, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Trinity of the Mount of Light, Gonder, Debre Selassie Church, Ethiopia, Africa
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