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817-413850 - The Memmius Monument was built in the 1st century B C to honour Mmmius, the grandson of Emperor Sulla and son of Caicus whose sculptures can be seen on the monument Ephesus Archaeological Site, Anatolia, Turkey
857-70710 - Chief Alfred Red Cloud II wearing his chief headdress made with eagle feathers stood silently, watching the Veterans pow wow in Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Alfred is the great, great grandson of Chief Red Cloud, the last of the Lakota Chiefs and important leader of the Lakota as they transitioned from the freedom of the plains to the confinement of the reservation system.
857-34008 - Workers pause by the columns of a 19th century summer pavilion in the Babur Gardens, or Bagh-i-Babur, Kabul, Afghanistan, September 25, 2002. The pavilion, which was used as a restaurant in the 20th century, was built by Amir Abdur Rahman, but was heavily damaged by the factional fighting of the mujihadeen in the 1990's and later by the Taliban. The buildings and gardens are now being carefully restored. Shah Babur, a descendent of Ghengis Khan and grandson of Tamerlane, is credited for founding the great Moghul dynasty which ruled India for two centuries. Babur built the palace and created the gardens on a hill looking over the southern part of Kabul in the 16th century,
857-33992 - Striking Mongol features distinguish the face of Hamir Mohammed, his daughter and grandson (who is blind), all living in the ruins of the Qala-i-Dokthar (Daughter's Castle), outside of the town of Bamiyan, August 30, 2002. Most of the old town was destroyed and up to 20,000 people of the region might have perished when Bamiyan fell to the Taliban in 2001. Bamiyan Valley is located in the Hazarajat at the edge of the Koh-i-Baba range , the end of the Hindu Kush. Bamiyan was a prosperous Buddhist kingdom on the ancient Silk Road until the 10th century, when the region was converted to Islam; in the 12th century, it was destroyed by Ghengis Khan. Most of the people of this region are of the Hazara tribe, and are Shi'a Moslems who have been persecuted for centuries by many of the Pashtun rulers of Afghanistan, who are from the Sunni sect. They most recently suffered at the hand of the Taliban, who tried for years to ethnically cleanse the region of its Shi'a people
1196-112 - Nyingmapa gangte monastery with young monks letting some steam after morning prayer. During a visit to phobjikha valley, pema lingpa prophesised that a monastery named gang-teng (hill) would be built on this site that teachings would be spread from there. temple founded here in 1613 by gyalse pema thinley, grandson mind reincarnation of pema lingpa
797-4521 - Mohurrum Festival, Men beating their chests durring Shia muslim festival of mourning to commemorate the death of Husayn ibn Ali grandson of Muhammad, Peshawar, Pakistan
797-4520 - Mohurrum Shia muslim festival commemorating death of Husayn ibn Ali grandson of Muhammad, Boys beating themselves with chains in ceremonial mourning, Peshawar, Pakistan
797-4519 - Mohurrum Shia muslim festival held during the first month of the Islamic calendar to commemorate the death of Husayn ibn Ali the grandson of Muhammad, Peshawar, Pakistan
733-2521 - Chinese girl under a glazed archway at the Confucius Temple Imperial College, built in 1306 by the grandson of Kublai Khan, administering the official Confucian examination system, Beijing, China, Asia
700-11592 - Syria, Damascus, The Omayyad Mosque By Khalif Walid The First And 12 000 Workers, The Site Was Occupied By A Temple Then A Church, Pilgrims From The Whole Islamic World Visit The Mausoleum Supposed To Contain The Prophet Yaya's Head (Alias St John The Baptist) Discovered In Viii Th Cent, Iranian Shiites Believe The Prophet Mahomet's Grandson Hussein's Head (Son Of Ali) Was Also Stored Here, Copper Spacelab In The Yard
700-11527 - Syria, Damascus , Omayyad Mosque, Interior, People At Prayer, Pilgrims Come From The Whole Islamic World To Visit The Mausoleum Supposed To Contain The Prophet Yaya's Head (St John The Baptist), Iranian Shiites Believe The Prophet Mahomet Grandson Hussein's Head (Son Of Ali) Was Also Stored Here
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