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832-389189 - Train of the Bernina line over the Morteratsch valley with Bellavista, Piz Bernina and Morteratsch glacier, Pontresina, Bernina Alps, Upper Engadine, Engadine, Grisons, Switzerland, Europe
1113-102584 - A backcountry skier with a DSLR camera taking a picture in a storm caused by Foehn winds, summit of the Mattjisch Horn, high valley called Fondei, Grison Alps, canton of Grison, Switzerland
1113-102487 - Woman at the summit of Piz Trovat (3146 m) with view to the Bernina-Alps with Bellavista (3922 m), Piz Bernina (4049 m), Piz Morteratsch (3751 m) as well as Pers- and Morteratsch glacier, Engadin, Grisons, Switzerland
1113-96631 - View from a pristine mountain lake at the end of the Morteratsch valley to the summits of Cambrena Piz, Piz Palu, Piz Zupo and Piz Bernina and their reflection, Engadin, Switzerland