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1348-4488 - Canton And Shenzen, China, In 2000, True Colour Satellite Image. True colour satellite image of the cities of Guangzhou (Canton) and Shenzen, China. Image in landscape format, taken on 14 September 2000, using LANDSAT data.
1116-49654 - Plastic bags full of dried frogs for sale at a medicine shop. The frogs are dried for use as aphrodisiacs in Chinese medicine, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China
797-3843 - SWITZERLAND Bernese Oberland Bern Hasliberg farmland north of Meringen. Farm building and cattle grazing on lush green grass with snow capped Wetterhorn Mountain 3704metres 12130ft in the background. European Schweiz Suisse Svizzera Swiss Western Europe Guangzhou Canton Scenic Cow Bovine Bos Taurus Livestock Farming Agraian Agricultural Growing Husbandry Land Producing Raising