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857-33765 - Men from the village of Gangwal, which was devastated in the 2005 earthquake, show makeshift shelters that villagers constructed themselves after the quake, in the upper Allai Valley, NWFP, Pakistan. Most of the villagers fled to tent camps at lower elevations to spend the winter, leaving just a handful of families to look after livestock and possessions. The people of this remote area are Pashtun and until the earthquake, neither the government nor the military had much presence or influence in the region.
166-5404 - Once a small fishing village on the tiny island of Ona, now summer cabins with only a handful of year-round elderly residents, Ona, Sandoy, Norway, Scandinavia, Europe
797-3195 - MALAWI Ngwila Cropped view of Efero Lodi holding handful of organically grown soya. Organic farming allows farmers to achieve the same yields without the use of expensive fertilisers.
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