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1116-44822 - Rain On A Wet Bridge Of North Carolina's Linn Cove Viaduct On The Blue Ridge Parkway With Moody, Low-Hanging Storm Clouds And Mist, North Carolina, United States Of America
1116-44633 - Lanterns At The Kek Lok Si Temple, Chinese New Year's In Malaysia Is Celebrated With Paper Lanterns Hung On Ceilings And Walls Throughout Chinese Neighborhoods And Businesses In Malaysia, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia
860-287265 - The critically endangered Indri indri photographed in the Mitsinjo natural reserve. This wild individual was feed by leaves to a scientist that was monitoring this group. Madagascar Finalist at Montier en der et à Namur festival 2018.
1116-42729 - Agriculture - Young farm girl and boy wearing cowboy hats and rubber boots swing on a metal gate, hanging by their hands and legs and laughing / Northwest Missouri, USA.