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1348-5325 - Gloved hands of an orthodontist who inspects the teeth of an 8-year-old girl to correct the bad posture of the jaws and teeth with the installation of braces, France, Europe.
1348-3490 - Reportage in the Chrysalide wellness centre in France that specialises in chromotherapy. A colour profile is defined for each patient and can be applied to each part of the spa. A patient receives chromotherapy treatment in a swimming pool.
1348-3925 - Reportage in a post-natal clinic in Champigny, France. Since leaving the neonatal unit, the twins (3-months old) are checked every week to follow their growth. Consultation with the post-natal clinic doctor.
1348-3930 - Clinical research in the GHICL. The physical medicine and rehabilitation department in Saint Philibert hospital in Lille, France. Exercises to develop the patient's muscle tone in functional rehabilitation, under the supervision of a doctor and medico-sporting educator.