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860-290898 - Ankole-Watusi cattle. It is an old african breed famous for its long horns often known as Cattle of Kings. In Uganda the Bahima still posess large herds of Ankole Cattle The ethnic group of the Bahima are traditional pastoralist and herdsmen like the Maasai, Masai in kenia. However they are not defiantly traditional and blend tradition with the economy of today. Afrika, East Africa, Uganda, Ankole, Mbarara
746-91199 - Tiroler Bergschaf (Tyrolean Mountain Sheep also called Pecora Alina Tirolese) on its mountain pasture (Shieling) in the Oetztal Alps (Obergurgl, Hohe Mut, Gaisbergtal). Europe, Asutria, Tyrol
746-91393 - Domestic Yak ( Jak, Bos mutus ) on their summer pasture. Alaj Valley in front of the Trans-Alay mountain range in the Pamir mountains. Asia, central Asia, Kyrgyzstan
746-90883 - Icelandic Horse in fresh snow in Iceland. It is the traditional breed for Icealnd and traces its origin back to the horses of the old vikings. Europe, Northern Europe, Iceland