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1350-36 - Sunset clouds and colours on December 3, 2013 from Massai Point, Chiricahua National Monument, Arizona. This is a 7-frame HDR High Dynamic Range stack to compress the high contrast from the bright sky and dark foreground into one image. Combined with Photomatix Pro. Taken with the Canon 5D MkIi and Canon 24mm lens at f/8. From images _MG_6996_6997_6998_6999_7000_7001_7002 taken at 2/3rd stop increments.
857-90984 - Crumbling cliffs line a canyon above Lake Powell in Big Water, Utah, just north of the Arizona boarder. Rain is clearly visible in the distance, United States of America
857-90983 - July 26, 2008 - The sun sets and reflects on the entrance ramp leading to the upper deck of a parking garage overlooking the skyline of Stamford, Connecticut. The building under construction is a luxury apartment building being built by Donald Trump and will become the tallest building in Stamford, United States of America
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