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1127-7503 - Scottish Highland Cattle, cow with calf / Schottische Hochlandrinder, Kuh mit Kalb / [Europa / europe, Schottland / Scotland, Saeugetiere / mammals, Haustier / Nutztier / farm animal / domestic, Huftiere / Paarhufer / cloven-hoofed animals, aussen, outdoor, Wiese, meadow, adult, Jungtier, young, Kaelbchen, Mutter & Kind, mother & baby, zwei, two, Querformat, horizontal, weiblich, female, stehen, standing] Kälbchen
847-30 - Highland cow in a field of buttercups and clover on the Hebridean Island of Islay, with the Braigo Cliffs in the distance, Isle of Islay, Hebrides, Scotland, United Kingdom, Europe
763-761 - Folk art particular to the Cuzco area are the small bulls or 'toritos' placed on roofs of new homes to bring good luck to inhabitants, Cuzco, Highlands, Peru
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