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911-10415 - Shafts of sunlight highlight the smoke from the King Fire that burned 97,717 acres of the El Dorado National Forest in California, USA. Following an unprecedented four year long drought, wild fires are much more common. Most of California is in exceptional drought, the highest level of drought classification. 428,000 acres of agricultural land have been taken out of production due to lack of water, thousands of agricultural workers have lost their jobs and one third of all children in California go to bed hungry.
817-460844 - This traditional event goes back 500 years and still enjoys immense popularity. This huge fair is spread over seven of the cityís plazas and trade fair centre, giving the impression that it stretches over the entire city centre. This autumn highlight lasts two weeks and always ends on the third Sunday evening.
817-460660 - Historic funicular Heimwehfluh, built in 1904, with which we can ascend a hill with wonderful views of Interlaken, a restaurant and a space dedicated to leisure, highlighting the descent of the hill with an amazing rollercoaster. Interlaken, Canton of Bern, Switzerland, Europe.
817-449200 - Nightfall in Lubeck, to the other side of the river Trave. Highlighting the towers of the Church of Santa Maria, and the tower of St Petry. Lubeck, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.