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832-397148 - Aerial view of ocean waves and fantastic rocky shoreline, Aerial view of a coastline along Great Ocean Road, Aerial view of waves hitting rocks on beach with turquoise water
860-289015 - Waves hitting the lighthouse of the Carnot dike with a rainbow created by reflection of light on the waves, during the storm Ciara, Boulogne sur mer, February 2020, Hauts de France, France
1116-48064 - A male golfer drives a golf ball down the green with a wedge on a golf course while a disabled golfer in a specialized wheelchair watches, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
1116-48065 - A physically disabled golfer, using a specialized wheelchair, hits the golf ball with his golf club on the golf green as a female golfer stands watching, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
1116-41801 - Dall's sheep (ovis dalli) rams hitting heads together during dominance display, butting heads, in autumn, denali national park, Alaska, united states of america