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869-5406 - honey bee beekeeper in protective clothing collecting wax bees wax beeswax from honeycomb individual outdoors horizontal format Extremadura Spain Europe (Apis mellifera)
869-5405 - honey bee beekeeper with protective glove holding wax bees wax beeswax collected from honeycomb outdoors horizontal format Extremadura Spain Europe (Apis mellifera)
465-3137 - Honey bee, Apis mellifera feeding on Echinacea sp., or cone flower nectar. Honey bees are in trouble in many parts of the world but are doing well in urban areas where their exposure to pesticides, insecticides and fungicides is limited. Photographed in London, UK garden.
832-51 - Beekeeper showing honeycomb, beekeeping in the Amazon rain forest is part of agricultural activity in a settlement of formerly landless peasants, land reform, Entre Rios Province, Mato Grosso, Brazil, South America
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