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1116-52123 - The Walls of Dubrovnik surround the old city of Dubrovnik and provide stunning scenery and vantage points around the city; Dubrovnik, Dubrovacko-neretvanska zupanija, Croatia
1113-106886 - People relax by the campfire under the full moon at Parks Canada Campground at Beveridge Locks on the Tay River with a docked Le Boat Horizon houseboat at night, near Lower Rideau Lake, Ontario, Canada, North America
1113-107299 - Two young women relax on the bow of a Le Boat Horizon houseboat as it approaches the lock at Narrows Lockstation, Lower Rideau Lake, Ontario, Canada, North America
832-390047 - Fishing boats and fishermen cottages at the beach of San Miguel de Cabo de Gata, aerial view, drone shot, Nature Reserve Cabo de Gata-Nijar, Almeria province, Andalusia, Spain, Europe