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832-208792 - Old and new, view over the historic city centre of Shanghai and The Bund towards the skyline of the Pudong financial district with Jin Mao Tower and the World Finance Building across the Huangpu River, Shanghai, China, Asia
1113-67830 - Nanpu Bridge, Autobahnschleife vor dem Ueberqueren des Huangpu River, Kreisel, Auto, Verkehr, Stadtautobahn, motorway, circle, spirale, Betonspirale, Gaojia expressway to Pudong
1113-67532 - Bund, Huangpu River at night, View from roof terrace, Three on the Bund, national flag, landmark, aus: "Mythos Shanghai", Shanghai, Sachbildband, Fotos Karl Johaentges, Text Erich Follath, Verlag, Collection Rolf Heyne, 2005
808-760 - Waibaidu Bridge, formerly the Garden Bridge, the only steel bridge of its type in China, spanning Suzhou Creek at its confluence with the Huangpu River, Shanghai, China, Asia