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1174-7700 - An old boat with a red shabby hull beached on the shore by the water in Lisbon. Shipping cranes and a large modern road bridge in the distance, Lisbon, Portugal
1116-44285 - A Blue And White Sailboat Rests At Anchor In Autumn Near Gowlland Tod Provincial Park, On The Backside Of Butchart Gardens, Near Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
857-95313 - The Fishing Port of Keroman one of the largest fishing ports in France, This port is ready for all types of fishing all year round. Lorient, Keroman, Submarine Base, Brittany, France.
911-10245 - Contaminated water being emptied out of Finland Docks in Hull, directly into the Humber Estuary, Yorkshire, UK. As they released the pollution, there was an awful chemical stench in the air.
990-161 - Steering with its pectoral fins the friendly Minke whale (Balaenoptera acutorostrata) turns its streamlined body towards the boat in order to dive under the hull. St. Lawrence estuary, Canada. Sequence 5/6