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1350-646 - A beautiful and yet small jumping spider; They have good vision and use it for hunting and navigating. They are capable of jumping from place to place, secured by a silk tether
1350-152 - The constellation of Orion the Hunter, at right, and his two Hunting Dogs and their brightest stars: Procyon in Canis Minor (at left) and Sirius in Canis Major (at bottom).
1116-49149 - Northern Hawk Owl (Surnia ulula), known for sitting on the highest perch possible while looking for prey such as voles moving below. This one sits on the top of a tree against a blue sky, South-central Alaska, Anchorage, Alaska, United States of America
1116-50257 - A Red fox (Vulpes vulpes) stops to sniff a bush of bluebells (Hyacinthoides) before continuing his hunt along the road, Denali National Park and Preserve; Alaska, United States of America
832-389291 - Festival of eagle hunters in Olgii Province, about 20 km from the provincial capital, where different methods of hunting are demonstrated and evaluated, as well as equestrian games and riding new mounts, Kisil Char, Olgii, Mongolia, Asia
1179-4586 - Rock drawing of warrior with spear on horseback, Naquane Park of Rupestrian Engravings, Capo di Ponte, Valcamonica (Val Camonica), Brescia province, Lombardy, Italy, Europe