Robert Harding

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1376-76 - Lingmoor Fell reflections in the infant River Brathay from the Little Langdale Valley in the Lake District National Park, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Cumbria, England, United Kingdom, Europe
832-404355 - Young Caucasian mother playing with her in the room with toys. Baby less than a year learning the first lessons of her mother. Mother playing with her son and hugging him lovingly
832-400398 - Close up of little yellow ducklings in a white wicker basket. Small boy in a white t-shirt is holding a pottle with cute pet nestlings. Child and birds. Summer background. Copy space
832-400370 - Young woman mother expressing love to little baby, sitting on the floor by bed with sleeping child in hands and kissing him in forehead, tender photo of unconditional love between mom and son
832-399152 - Cute little girl stands in a yellow-tinted studio, looking into the camera with innocence. Her long hair and fashionably adorned dress reflect her childhood as she captures this moment of beauty