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1131-1579 - Vasco da Gama tomb, Church of Santa Maria de Belem, Monastery of the Hieronymites (Mosteiro dos Jeronimos), UNESCO World Heritage Site, Belem, Lisbon, Portugal, Europe
1112-5081 - Old Chevrolet truck at the Kestner Homestead, Quinault Rain Forest, Olympic National Park, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Washington State, United States of America, North America
762-171 - Interior of a traditional Latvian house circa 1925 from the Vidzeme region, Latvian Open Air Ethnographic Museum (Latvijas etnografiskais brivdabas muzejs), near Riga, Latvia, Baltic States, Europe
252-11316 - Elevated view of businessmen inside the Shinjuku NS Building, the interior is hollow with a 1600sq metre atrium illuminated through a glass roof, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Honshu, Japan, Asia