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1196-58 - A young sadhu reads holy scripture near fire. Worship is part of daily life. Some sadhus chant mantras. gayatri mantra is of several mantras that sacred incantations or mystical formulas of ancient literature. gayatri mantra given by brahma mentioned in rigveda is named after consort of brahma: o that glory- of savitri most high. Oh divine us mediate upon. it inspire understanding. goal of recitation is to attain realization. Practice lead mind into a transcendental union with deity.Pashupatinath, kathmandu, nepa
817-374065 - Cathedral Church of the Holy and Undivided Trinity in Ely, known as the ´Ship of the Fens´, a name inspired by the distant views of its towers that dominate the low-lying wetlands called The Fens
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