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797-3860 - GREECE Ionian Islands Ithaca Vathi. Boat moving in harbour and Vathi town behind. Travel Tourism Holiday Vacation Explore Recreation Leisure Sightseeing Tourist Attraction Tour Destination Vathi Ithaca Ithaka Ithica Ithika Ithaki Ithaci Greece Grecian Greek Ionian Sea Waterfront Waterside Water Calm Still Quiet Peaceful Picturesque Unspoiled Tranquility Tranquil Harbour Harbor Harbourside Harborside Hill Hillside Backdrop Vivid Vibrant Town Tradition Traditional Culture Cultural Community Buildings Houses Homes Residence Abode Dwellings Real Estate Property Apartments Fishing Boat Reflection Reflect Steep Man Gentleman Male Person Adult Fisherman Ethnic Business Work Working Worker Workplace Career Job Enterprise Enterprising Livelihood Occupation Moving Travelling Transport Transportation Foreground Interest Vacation Classic Classical Ellada Historical Male Men Guy Older Reflexion Southern Europe Traveling European History Male Man Guy
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