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805-957 - Detail of 2nd century BC Jain carvings of figures taking part in a Jain ceremony in the Rani Gumpha cave at Udayagiri archaeological site, near Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India, Asia
832-368752 - A group of Jain pilgrims doing a special pooja in front of the gigantic statue to receive the blessings of Bahubali by the local priests, Gomateshwara in Sravanabelagola, Karnataka, India, Asia
832-110874 - Painting "The seven stages of enlightenment" by Narendra Kumar Jain, East Side Gallery, remants of the Berlin Wall, Friedrichshain district, Berlin, Germany, Europe
832-61717 - Two Jain pilgrims are pouring water over a small statue at the feet of the statue of Lord Gomateshwara, the tallest monolithic statue in the world, dedicated to Lord Bahubali, carved out of a single block of granite stone, 18 meters high, 983 AD, Sravanab