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1116-50901 - A paraplegic man popping a wheelie in his wheelchair and balancing while lifting a weight in a gymnasium after working out at a fitness facility: Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada
1161-1780 - A clown laughing during a community picnic where local groups are providing musical and dance entertainment to celebrate the ethnic diversity of West London at Gunnersbury Park
857-69490 - Camel traders and herders sit in a tea hut in a camel market in El Obeid, Sudan on February 16, 2006. Yussuf Gamaa, 2nd from L, is a camel herder from Darfur. About 150,000 camels cross over from Sudan into Egypt every year, the majority as cattle as an inexpensive source of protein. Today the camel is both the caravan and the cargo. Camels from this market will travel the Forty Days Road or Darb el-Arbein a 1,200 mile desert trail into Egypt and the oldest trade route in the Sahara. Desert nomads like Yussuf depend on the profitable camel trade for their livelihood.
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