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1350-61 - The Celestron GPS8 scope looking at M22 in the Milky Way in the light of the rising waxing gibbous Moon, from the backyard July 21, 2019. Jupiter is bright at right, Saturn at left.
1350-63 - Mark gazing at a target, M22, in the Milky Way with his TeleVue 127 refractor at the annual Rothney Observatory Milky Way Nights for July 25, 2019. Several satellite trails mark the sky. Jupiter (brightest at right) and Saturn (at left) flank the Milky Way.
1350-113 - A superb display of aurora borealis seen on March 14, 2016 when it reached Level 5 storm levels. Here it begins in the evening twilight and in the light of the 6-day-old Moon. Jupiter is at right. This view is looking east.
1350-99 - The Northern Lights on Feb 16, 2015, as seen from the Churchill Northern Studies Centre, in Churchill, Manitoba at 58° latitude, and under the auroral oval. The aurora appeared as skies cleared somewhat during a blizzard with high winds and blowing snow conditions. I shot these from the second floor deck of the Centre, out of the wind and off the ground. Jupiter is at right, the Big Dipper at left.
1350-52 - The summer Milky Way with the Summer Triangle stars through pine trees, shot from the Howse Pass Viewpoint at Saskatchewan River Crossing, Banff National Park, Alberta. Jupiter is the bright object at the bottom.