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832-383117 - Stamps in the Pilgrim Pass, the 30th pilgrimage of Hans Unterberger, Grossglockner pilgrimage from Fisch and Rauris, Salzburg State, to Heiligenblut to St. Peter and Paul, Carinthia, Austria, Europe
832-276236 - Millstatt at lake Millstatt Carinthia Kaernten Austria former Benedictine monastery founded in the 11. C. by the Bavarian Aribonen dynasty tower of the monastery out of the parks near the lake
1113-75162 - View over Franz Josephs Hoehe (2369 m) to Pasterze glacier (the biggest glacier of Austria) and Grossglockner (3798 m, highest mountain of Austria), Carinthia, Austria
1113-75123 - Couple listening to Hans Werner Schmoelzer (innkeeper of Lammersdorfer Huette) playing accordion (called Steirische), young woman looking from a window, Lammersdorfer Huette (1650 m), Lammersdorf near Millstatt, Carinthia, Austria
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