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832-387849 - Laid table in violet, perspective, surreal, eggplant, red cabbage, rice, yogurt, grapes, apple, flowers, cauliflower, still life, food photography, studio photography, Italy, Europe
1116-46783 - A Locally Made Cracker Called Krupuk, Made From Starch And Other Ingredients. Here The Raw Krupuk Are Laid Out To Air Dry, Later They Will Be Deep Fried Before Eaten, Sumatra, Indonesia
1174-2242 - A table laid with a white cloth and place settings seen from above. An organic cheese board with soft and hard cheeses and figs. Two people sitting at the table, Provo, Utah, USA
832-337015 - The 26 water fountains, symbolizing the 26 federal cantons, on the main square in front of the Swiss state house, the "Bundeshaus" in Bern. The square is laid out with granite from Vals in the canton grisons, Switzerland.
817-453818 - French formal garden style laid out by the master gardener Patrick Pottier according to the plans of Andre Le Notre the famous gardener of King Louis XIV, Chateau de Maintenon, Eure & Loir department, region Centre, France, Europe.