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860-290897 - Northern lights over Angmagssalik Fjord near settlement Kuummiit (formerly spelled Kummiut). Ammassalik area in East Greenland. North America, Greenland, Danish Territorrry
1116-51537 - A paraplegic mom holding her little girl in her lap while taking her for a ride down the street in her wheelchair on a warm summer afternoon: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
860-290329 - Teide National Park, Tenerife. Sea of ??clouds, south of the island. It is caused by the trade winds, which push the clouds against the summit, usually forming between 800 and 1000 meters of altitude. Canary Islands.
1116-50029 - A young man with Down Syndrome playing a tambourine while his father plays a guitar and his mother sings along while enjoying each other's company in a city park on a warm fall evening: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada