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832-396470 - Wall with mourning wreath for the Russian concentration camp victims, Soviet Union inscription, Wall of Nations, Ravensbrueck Memorial, former concentration camp for woman, Fuerstenberg Havel, Brandenburg, Germany, Europe
832-396469 - Wall with grave lights in memory of the Polish concentration camp victims, inscription Poland, Wall of Nations, Memorial, Ravensbrueck Women's Concentration Camp, Fuerstenberg-Havel, Brandenburg, Germany, Europe
832-393755 - Inscription, quotation from Goethe on stone slab, Everything transient is only a parable, red carnations, grave of Kurt Tucholsky, Mariefred cemetery, Straengnaes, Soedermanlands laen, Sweden, Europe
832-385959 - Origami cranes folded by children write Peace, Peace, Children's Peace Monument, Children's Peace Monument, Hiroshima Peace Park, Peace Memorial Park, Hiroshima, Japan, Asia