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832-397520 - Dam in the evening light, pastel colourfully illuminated, dam wall of reservoir Edersee, power station Hemfurth, dam Edertal, Edertalsperre, in the back Schloss Waldeck and Hotel Ederseeblick, Edertal, Kassel, Hesse, Germany, Europe
832-397519 - Dam in the evening light, rainbow-coloured colourful illumination, dam wall of Edersee reservoir, Hemfurth power station, Edertal dam, Eder dam, Waldeck Castle and Hotel Ederseeblick in the background, Edertal, Kassel, Hesse, Germany, Europe
832-397137 - Fontainebleau Castle and Park, seen just in front of sunset from the Grand Parterre, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Seine-et-Marne department, Ile-de-France region, France, Europe
832-397147 - Aerial view of Ker Emma sandy beach and Keremma dunes with Chapelle Saint-Guevroc just in front of sunset, Treflez, Finistere department, Brittany region, France, Europe
832-396877 - Greece Cape Sounio, Ruins of an ancient temple of Poseidon, Greek god of the sea, on sunset, Shot of temple ruins on sunset, Tourist landmark of Attica, Sounion, Greece, Europe
832-396774 - Small wooden houses with a jetty in a lake, they serve as fishing and holiday homes for Hungarians. Beautiful landscape photo at sunset, Lake Bokodi, Bokod, Hungary, Europe
832-396354 - Soft morning light, wide angle, sun star-shaped next to church tower, St. John the Baptist Catholic Cathedral, blue, sandy and ochre, sky intense blue without clouds, Fira, Santorini Island, Cyclades, Greece, Europe
832-396001 - Mt. Shuksan glacier with snow reflecting in Picture Lake, forested mountain landscape in autumn, at sunset, Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, Washington, USA, North America