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746-91080 - Monument commemorating long line fishing and hallibut. Town Ilulissat at the shore of Disko Bay in West Greenland, center for tourism, administration and economy. The icefjord nearby is listed as UNESCO world heritage. America, North America, Greenland, Denmark
746-90965 - Line with bait. Fishermen in the Uummannaq Fjord System, north west Greenland. The fjords are frozen during winter, the fishermen use motor or dog sleds to drive to holes in the ice to lower up to 1000m long lines with bait. North America, Greenland
1311-440 - Reflective lagoon along East Bay Trail of Willow Lake, gray line on rock is where the water level used to be, Prescott, Arizona, United States of America, North America
1116-52008 - Ponte Sant'Angelo spanning the Tiber River and lined with statues of angels illuminated by lampposts at dusk and leading to the Castel Sant'Angelo (Mausoleum of Hadrian); Rome, Lazio, Italy
1116-51077 - A male cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) jumps down from the diagonal trunk of a tree. He has brown fur covered with black spots, and in the background can be seen a line of trees, Serengeti National Park; Mara Region, Tanzania
1116-52137 - Campers playing badminton next to their camper van at a campsite just outside of the city center of a beautiful medieval city in South Bohemian Region; Cesky Krumlov, Bohemia, Czech Republic