Robert Harding

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1116-51537 - A paraplegic mom holding her little girl in her lap while taking her for a ride down the street in her wheelchair on a warm summer afternoon: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
1116-50032 - A paraplegic mother lifting a baby from a customized side-opening crib that allows her to put her baby down for a nap from her position in a wheelchair: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
1314-225 - Sea Gypsies, little girls selling necklaces and bracelets in Moken tribe, fisherman village of Ko Surin Marine National Park, Surin Islands, Phang-Nga, Thailand, Southeast Asia, Asia
1116-48180 - A young mom spinning her daughter while playing on a merry go round with a rope climber in a playground at sunset during a warm autumn evening, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
1116-48030 - A mother and her baby daughter sitting on a picnic blanket and spending quality time together while enjoying a family outing in a city park on a warm fall afternoon, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada