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832-388172 - Wooden cabin, wide landscape, turquoise river, colorful vegetation and discolored trees in autumn, Ruska Aika, Indian Summer, Indian Summer, Indian Summer, Tessand, Innlandet, Norway, Europe
1116-46674 - Male Brown Bear (Ursus Arctos) Looks For Other Bears In The Enclosure, Captive At The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Centre, Portage, Alaska, United States Of America
857-96118 - A thru hiker takes a break at Theodore Roosevelts Cabin on the Muav Saddle, far out on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and signs a storied trail register, Arizona, USA
832-378414 - Black and white image of the winter landscape of the Dolomites with a wooden hut at the front and the peak of Sassolungo Mountain at the rear, Seiser Alm, Dolomites, Alto Adige, Italy, Europe