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832-403514 - Lonely nomad person walking a country road. Moody and calm evening scene. Wanderer silhouette on trail. Cold season idyllic rural landscape with leafless trees and dry grass
832-401840 - Interior of Orthodox cave church of St John the Hermit in abandoned Katholiko monastery in Avlaki gorge of Akrotiri peninsula, Chania, Crete, Greece. Shot through open window. Selective focus
860-291497 - Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Saatgut Tresor. Longyearbyen, die Hauptstadt von Svalbard auf der Insel Spitzbergen im Spitzbergen Archipel. Arktis, Europa, Skandinavien, Norwegen, Spitzbergen
832-398644 - Capella di Vitaleta, tiny, secluded chapel nestled among cypress trees with imposing views of the surrounding countryside in the Val d Orcia, Orcia Valley, near San Quirico d Orcia, Tuscany, Italy, Europe
860-291341 - Dead acacia tree on the background of sand dunes and stripes of morning fog. A very rare natural phenomenon for these places. Stunning light, color and shape. Sossusvlei. Deadvlei. Namib-Naukluft National Park. Landscapes of Namibia. Africa.
832-395566 - Small wooden boat in the middle of a lake, Lonely wooden boat in the water, isolated wooden boat, Top view of a white small wooden boat floating in the middle of a lake
832-395336 - Lonely volleyball net on Amoreira beach, Aljezur river estuary, estuary lagoon system, Arrifana fishing port, dunes, Atlantic coast, Amoreira, Aljezur, Portugal, Iberian Peninsula, Europe
1348-3488 - Reportage in the Chrysalide wellness centre in France. A patient uses a Jacquier Air Bowl®, a biocatalytic oxygenation device. It diffuses essential oils, oxygenation catalysers capable of stimulating oxygen metabolism. This technique allows oxygenation of all the tissues without hyper oxygenation or the risk of cellular oxygenation.
1348-3489 - Reportage in the Chrysalide wellness centre in France that specialises in chromotherapy. A colour profile is defined for each patient and can be applied to each part of the spa. A patient receives chromotherapy treatment in a jacuzzi.