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832-402394 - November 13, 2021, Medina, Marrakesh, MAR: The Kutubiyya Mosque is the largest mosque in Marrakesh, Morocco. It is located in the southwest medina quarter of Marrakesh, near the famous public place of Jemaa el-Fna
832-402392 - Kasbah Amridil is a historic fortified residence or kasbah in the oasis of Skoura, in Morocco. It is considered among the most impressive kasbahs of its kind in Morocco and was previously featured on the Moroccan 50 dirham note
832-398035 - Indian cameleer (camel driver) bedouin with camel silhouettes in sand dunes of Thar desert on sunset. Caravan in Rajasthan travel tourism background safari adventure. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India, Asia
832-395369 - House entrance with mint-coloured door with blue wall, blue-green door with knocking ring, green door with knocking ring, Blue City, Chefchaouen, Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima, Morocco, Africa
1348-4580 - Desert Erg Iguidi, Algeria, True Colour Satellite Image. True colour satellite image of Erg Iguidi, a sand desert between Algeria and Mauritania. The 250m wide dunes lay in the South on a sand plain, and in the North on a blakek sandstone area. The light blue areas are calcareous and salt crusts left out from the evaporation of the oueds' water. Image taken on 29 March 1987 using LANDSAT data.
1348-4564 - Sahara Desert, Africa, True Colour Satellite Image. Sahara desert, true colour satellite image. The Sahara is the world's largest hot desert, made of sand and volcanic mountains. Composite image using data from LANDSAT 5 & 7 satellites.