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1361-194 - View from below of the arches of the bridge that link the Torre Astura castle with mainland, at sunset, Tyrrhenian Sea, Rome province, Latium (Lazio), Italy, Europe
1348-3077 - Color satellite image of Abu Dhabi, capital city of United Arab Emirates. The city is on an island connected by bridges to the mainland and other islands. Image collected on September 21, 2017 by Sentinel-2 satellites.
1287-125 - The Skye Bridge over Loch Alsh, connecting the Isle of Skye to Eilean Ban and the mainland, with Kyleakin Lighthouse on the island, Inner Hebrides, Scotland, United Kingdom, Europe
1116-39645 - Looking over the railing of the passenger deck on BC ferries as the ship leaves the dock at Tsawwassen on a sunny day, another ship is currently in the dock, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada