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1373-85 - View of the monument to Emanuele Filiberto Duke of D'Aosta located in Piazza Castello, a prominent city square housing several landmarks, museums, theaters and cafes, Turin, Piedmont, Italy, Europe
1361-381 - The Greek Temple of Concordia, part of the old city of Akragas, seen from below, Valley of the Temples, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Agrigento, Sicily, Italy, Mediterranean, Europe
1373-78 - View of the Fountain of Po in Via Roma, executed by Umberto Baglioni, 1893-1965, and placed in 1939, the allegorical statue represents the River Po with a man lying on a pedestal, from which water flows, Turin, Piedmont, Italy, Europe
1373-71 - View of the Fountains of Po and Dora in Piazza CLN, dating back to 1936 and adorned with allegorical sculptures, standing as neorationalistic symbols in architect Marcello Piacentini's vision for Via Roma's redevelopment, Turin, Piedmont, Italy, Europe
1352-144 - Statue of Francisco Pizarro, Spanish explorer and conqueror of Peru, in front of the Iglesia de San Martin (Church of San Martin) on the Plaza Mayor, Trujillo, Caceres, Extremadura, Spain, Europe
1373-32 - View of Strawberry Fields Memorial, a landscaped section dedicated to the memory of former Beatles member John Lennon who wrote the song Strawberry Fields Forever, Central Park, Manhattan, New York City, United States of America, North America
1112-8718 - La Cueva rock shelter is an archeological site occupied from almost 5,000 BC, Dripping Springs Trail, Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States of America, North America