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832-402453 - Holy Metropolitan Church and Greek Orthodox cathedral of presentation of the Virgin Mary in Chania, Crete, Greece in morning. Bright sunlight, blue sky. Frontal shot of facade, traditional christian architecture. Doors open for morning holy service
832-400738 - Bled Castle, St. Mary's Church, Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, on the island in Lake Bled, Lake Velda or Lake Felder, Slovenian Blejsko jezero, against a snow-covered Alpine backdrop, Bled, Upper Carniola (Gorenjska), Slovenia, Europe
832-400499 - Church of St. Mary of the Angels and courtyard of the former Benedictine monastery, historical monastery quarter, town of Krk, island of Krk, Kvarner Gulf Bay, Croatia, Europe
1359-657 - High angle view of Princes Street and St. Mary's Cathedral in background at twilight, UNESCO World Heritge Site, Old Town, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland, United Kingdom, Europe
1350-6663 - Our Lady of Covadonga. The Blessed Virgin Mary, and a Marian shrine devoted to her at Basílica de Santa María la Real de Covadonga catholic church in Cangas de Onis, Picos de Europa, Asturias, Spain, Europe. In 1777 a fire destroyed the old temple, which stood adjacent to the Holy Cave where Our Lady of Covadonga is revered. It was then decided to raise a new church as a monumental sanctuary, raising donations from all of Spain; the plan was opposed by the local council, as the canons wanted to rebuild the temple of the Holy Cave and build an ambitious sanctuary that had once been designed by Ventura Rodríguez, but never completed. One century later, the project was resumed by King Alfonso XII of Spain, who was interested in completing this work. The classic design of Ventura Rodríguez was very difficult and expensive and was replaced by a new neo-Medieval design.