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860-288797 - Remarkable flysch formations of Deba, Basque Coast Geopark, Basque Country, Spain. Flysch formed at the end of the Mesozoic era in the Cretaceous - flyschs are formed by sediment accumulation following repeated submarine avalanches, due to earthquakes, and producing after compaction and crystallization very regular layers of sandstone and limestone here recovered by Pyrenean orogeny and released by erosion.
860-288783 - Aerial view of a Bowhead whale, (Balaena mysticetus), also known as Greenland right whales, can weigh from 75 to 100 tonnes, swimming in the shallow waters in Vrangel Bay of the Sea of Okhotsk, eastern Russia.
860-289015 - Waves hitting the lighthouse of the Carnot dike with a rainbow created by reflection of light on the waves, during the storm Ciara, Boulogne sur mer, February 2020, Hauts de France, France